• How much weight can it hold? The WhipUp™ magnetic pot lid holder is designed to hold up to 7 lbs and tested at weights up to 9 lbs. Most pot lids (including cast iron) weigh under 5 lbs. 
  • Does it work with every hood vent? WhipUp™ attaches to the hood vent via a strong magnet. Therefore, it will attach to any metal surface that a magnet will attach to. To test your hood vent, simply attach a magnet where you would like to install the WhipUp™ pot lid holder. 
  • Does it attach to stainless steel or copper hood vents? NO
  • How do I install it? So easy to use, just attach the strong magnet to something metal and you're done! Our pot lid hanger has been rigorously tested to hold most lid weights, including cast iron. Confidently hold your pot lid and stay organized while you cook.
  • Where should I install/attach my WhipUp™ pot lid holder? To get the most out of using the magnetic pot lid holder while cooking, you should attach the magnet to a flat surface parallel to your stovetop. Because of gravity, attaching to an angled surface could cause your pot lid to slide off. 
  • Can you use multiple WhipUp™ pot lid holders on one vent hood? Yes, you can attach up to 4 pot lid holders, depending on the diameter of your pot lids and the metal surface area of your hood vent.